We Follow ALL the Terms of Service and C.O.C wildCard has put in place,

You can view them here ---->General Rules/Etiquette:

 Do not use generic or non-unique names such as survivor, bob, human, 123, etc… If you do your name will be changed.

 Whilst not a punishable offence we would appreciate it if you could give us the courtesy to use English in global chat.

Be respectful to all players and admins, banter is fine but if we deem it has gone too far you will be asked to stop failure to stop will result in warnings and/or punishments, if a player requests it has gone too far an admin will review and issue warnings as necessary.

No Form of exploiting is allowed, Exploiting or abusing loopholes in the rules is not allowed if you find a exploit/loophole report it to an admin instantly and you will be rewarded

Do not Auto-breed excessive amounts of dinos... Doing this will affect the performance of our servers, and will be punished with dino wipe

Tribe limit is 10 Players Per tribe and Alliances are disabled.

The Code of Conduct is subject to change without notification
Ark Code of Conduct

 Only Two OGS per tribe. no overlapping OGS bubbles, check if your OGS bubbles overlap by activating show range. If your OGS overlap you will be given one warning then OGS will be deleted along with an area of the structures surrounding it. No OSG to be placed at fobs. Offline raiding IS POSSIBLE. The OGS buffs your turret damage x4 and increases your structure hp x5. No OGS on tames or saddles

Placed Tek Shields/Shields are limited to 4 in total per tribe, this includes any FOB’s.  You can have more stored in vaults, if your tribe has more then 4 placed (Regardless if they are on) at any one time this will constitute a break of this rule. Once a Tek Shield has been destroyed a new one cannot be placed protecting the same area as the destroyed one for 1h
 Under meshing or passing through the mesh with player, mesh biting or mek hitting of any form isn’t allowed , if your tribemate under meshes or builds in the mesh your tribe will receive a complete wipe and the offender/s found will be banned.

Using Foundation spam around your base is allowed, using spam during a raid to attack or defend is also allowed (so long as its cleaned up afterwards), however,foundation spam that is not used in either of those situations is not allowed, aka to block build spots or spawns. we also will not accept excessive spam or over spamming as it lags the server (judge by admin at the time).  

Teleport camping is not allowed outside of raiding/defending, Under no circumstances are you allowed to cover other tribes teleporter with turrets, plant y, bear traps or aggressive dinos within turret range of their teleporter, you cannot place public teleporters with turrets around to trap players or teleport players against their will. 

 There is no raid timer, we just ask you pack up or turn of your fobs and don't have more than 2 FOBs Down at one time. 

No ALLY raiding, anyone found raiding with another tribe or helping to defend another tribes base will find their base AOE'd

We do not tolerate insiding. when leaving a tribe you must tell the owner of your tribe, you may be given some dinos and items to rebuild as solo but if joining another tribe you leave with nothing agreed upon by owner, all breeding lines and items belong to the tribe owner, and are not to be taken. taking any action that adversely affects your tribe (disabling base defences to allow someone to raid, demoing parts of base with intent to grief your tribe or damage the defences, etc…) is also classed as insiding.

 Using Vanilla: Cannons, catapults, ballista or S+ rocket, S+ cannon turrets to raid and/or defend is not allowed.  Cannons can only be used in the act of taming rock golems or their variants

 All forms of dino bombing is allowed with the exception of Basilisk Bombing from under the map 

You may cage players for no longer than 30 online minutes!
All S+ vac compartments used must have at least 1 side visible at all times

S+ tubing is not allowed on this server, using s+ walls, ceilings, window walls, hatch frames,etc...  to build through foundation blocked areas and block turrets is seen here as an Exploit and as such a punishable offence. this does not include S+ vacs

Do not place turrets around or within turret range of obelisks. Obelisks are no build zones 

PUNISHMENTS can range from - Warning - Kicked - Bounty placed on player/tribe (points awarded to raiding players or tribes) - Dino wiped - Structure wiped - 24hour BAN - PERM BANNED ALL PUNISHMENTS WILL BE ISSUED UNDER GUIDANCE OF THE SERVER OWNERS UPDATED 28-11-2