1#. Lowered the Range of OGS to 30 Foundation but allowing 2 to be Placed

2#. Added a 10sec Cooldown to TP to and From, "Dinos/Players"

3#. Rules Added in Relations to OGS placed at Fobs

4#. Rules Added in Regards to Using S+ Structure to Pillar up to bases

5#. Adjusted the Stacking of items More,

6#. Adding a NPP 'NewPlayerProtection' 12hrs

7#. Adjustments too The Wild dinos Spawns to Reduce Server Lag

8# Attempting to Remove CP from being Grinded, Prevention to duping, 'If this isnt Fixed one Start up, 1 item will be only allowed to be placed in the Grinder,

9#. Rule Added for the Prevention of stacking OGS

10# Minor Adjustments Made to Player and Dino Settings

11# Changes Were also made During the last Wipe will take a more of an Effect this Coming Wipe


1. Removal of New player Protection

2. Added Chainsaw Bp

3. Added Tps too Shop


1. Added Spawn Timer

2.Added TribeSlot Timer 2hrs

3. Nerfed all flyers MS/MD/HP

4. Increases Turret Damage

5. Reduced Bullet Slots Per Turret

6. Increased Structure Resistance

7. Nerf Player Stats a little

8. Nerf Velos by 10%

9. Allowed RockDrakes to Breed

10. Updated AntiMesh plugins

11. Updated some Missing Items in Shop

12. Increased Range of OGS Bubbles

13. Reenabled Tek Trans to not Require a Boss Fight

14. Updated Our Store page to include Server rules and server Information

15. Nerf RollRat Resistance(edited)January 14, 2020


  1. Add Cross Server Chat


1. Updated and added extra items to Drops " cave drops Boosted"

2. Increased the overall cost of Blueprints From shop, "To Make Raids Worth"

3. Added Paint Brush,signs,Billboards back

4. Added Transparency gun back

5. Added a New Cross server chat function

6. Increased the Wild dino Spawn rate

7. Added StonePick and Hatchet

No Player Or Dino Balances this wipe!


Possible Dino Changes for Next Wipe 1 too 5% increase Decrease

Increased Stego/tekstego Resistance
Increased Theri Damage
Increased tekrex Resistance
Increased Racer Resistance
Increased Giga Resistance
Increased Bronto Resistance
Increased Argi Resistance
Increased Argi Damage
Increased Gasbag Resistance
Decreased Managarma Resistance
Increased Velon Damage
Increased Velon Resistance
Increased RockDrake Resistance
Increased Karkinos Resistance
Decreased Basilisk Resistance
Increased Griffin Resistance
Increased Griffin Damage
Increased RockGolem Resistance
Increased RockGolem Damage

Decreased Offline Turret Damage From 4X too 3X
Decreased Offline Structure Resistance from 5X too 4X
Change Time To Power up From 30min too 1hr

Decreased Player Resistance by 2%

Increased CoolDown Timer from 10sec to 30Sec "

No longer can Tranq Tamed dinos


Infinity Changes

Added New Discord bots to Assist the community "Server Status bots" "Command Bots"

Update infinity Logo " Too a new Fresh one" Will be seen Rolling out over next week or so

Updating Store Images to custom Infinity ones "Also will Roll out of the next week"

Working on Creating our own Ark Plugin and Remaking the ones that dont work 100%

Added a New Wipe Countdown to our website, https://infinityxgaming.com/wipe/

Enable the Ingame server chat for View

Enabled the Admin command logged on discord

Server Changes

Adding (1) Alliance "Tribe limit stays at 6

After week 1 of wipe EU and AU will Cluster for 1 week before wipe


Drop Changes
Addes Chibi's to drops
Removed All Tek Saddle Bp's
Added VDay Candy/ Vday Chocolate
Added Few more choices to reddrops

Engram Changes
Added Chairs/benches
Added few other Engrams back

Plugin Changes
5hr Cooldown on Lootboxes "Must be on the server for 5hrs Straight to gain" This is for all Players
Added More Options for members lootboxes
Removed DodoRex from all Lootboxes "Done at the start of last wipe"
As of start of Wipe all points/kit/lootboxes will be transferable to and from EU/AU

edit Added New AntiAutoBreeding

Server Changes
Increased Black Pearl harvest Rate
Removed Tribe Slot CoolDown "Causing Issues"

Discord Changes
Fixed up CrossChat with AU/EU
Admin Commands will now be Logged on discord
Updated and Changed Ticket System


Tribe Limit Increased too 10!
Turret Damage increase too 18x from 17x


For changes to See if the lag can be Reduced

1. Souls that are trap and Stored will Heal at a 140x rate, "no need to leave out to heal, level and put away"
2. Autodecay is Removed
3. Messed with a Few Render setting, so now players should be able to render a whole base not parts, " Stopes the Drop of server FPS when flying by"
4. Remove a setting that Hold the server on a hang when Turrets are placed